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Welcome to the Lake Livingston Heights web site. This site will provide a single place where Lake Livingston Heights residents can find news and information or discuss issues about the community.

Water Board
The Water Board is in need of 3 new members.  If you are interested in participating is this important part of our neighborhood, please contact

Notice: A new notice from the water board is available at the following link regarding TCEQ reporting requirements.  Water Board Notice

Trinity River Access Issues

Due to excessive flooding conditions in the area over the past year or more, the primary channel used to access the river from our cove has become unusable and totally impassible at normal water levels. For the time being, the long channel to the east of the short channel (the cut) is still usable but very shallow for the first 1000 or so feet.

To address this access issue, a permit has been filed with the Corps of Engineers to dredge the long channel to ensure that we have 6 ft of water depth through the shallow portion of the channel. Dredging contractors have also been contacted and the process of fund raising is getting started. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Blake Herman (

If you are on Facebook, you can follow discussions about the Bethy Creek access issue by joining the Friend of Bethy Creek Recreation Area page found here.  

Current Lake Levels
For quick reference, the current water levels for Riverside, TX are displayed below.  The "normal" level is 131.5' as a reference point.

Current Water Levels in Riverside

General Information

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Street Lights

Is there a non-working street light near your home?  Bright street lights add to a safer neighborhood.  Please report the pole number for any non-working street lights to Entergy either by calling, 1-800-368-3749 or on-line here

Water Department Emergency Contact

Emergency contact for any leaks in the water system up to individual water meters.  Any leaks from the meter to your house are individual responsibility.  All other issues - new meter, billing, construction, etc - should be directed to the Lake Livingston Heights Water Board contacts listed on this page.

Emergency Contact:
Plant Operator
Crawley’s Utility Service
Russell Crawley

If you find incorrect information posted on this site or have any questions about the web site, please e-mail

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